Elephant wall clock from a vinyl record


All types of clocks perfect to suit your home or room decor.
Get your own unique custom designed clock by uploading a simple image
on the website, or roughly filling in the contact form with
your ideas, perfect for prezzies.


Website – CGI Imagine wall Clocks

Website – Bracken Inquirer

Product Description

Personalized Wall Clocks

Now add a different tinge to the ordinary wall clocks through customization. Put photos, text or designs of your choice on the wall clocks and give them an altogether personal touch. Explore personalized wall clocks  and order online.

Now Adorn Your Decor with Decorative Wall Clocks!

Find an amazing collection of decorative wall clocks online that can be personalized easily with a text, design or photo of your choice, vinyl record of your choice. It is just the perfect way to add a peppy touch to your home.


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